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By Dr. Rajiv Verma
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About the Program

Confused about which career to choose? Does the concept of perfecting a person’s smile fascinate you? Would you like to find out how you would do as a dentist for a day? Practically experience activities like consultation, diagnosis and treatment of a patient, amongst the other aspects of being a dentist. Test yourself as a Dentist through our online Virtual Internship Program (VIP), simply from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere!

Dr. Rajiv Verma

Dr Rajiv Verma, who is Internationally recognised in the field of Dentistry, is considered as one of the finest Dentists in India. A clinician for 30 years, a Dental Ceramist of repute for 21 years, an IDA Speaker for 19 years, a course conductor for 13 years, an International Speaker for Past 6 years and an author of 2 books, he is limitless. Watch him as he unfolds his experiences and teachings just for you!

 Dr. Rajiv Verma
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    Talk personally to our career guidance expert to solve all your career-related doubts and to understand all the career options available.

    Understand from the expert that which careers are the most appropriate for you based on their analysis about you.

    Get a list of Indian and Abroad top colleges and universities for your chosen career.

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Immrse has been a wonderful experiece, and a very hands-on and experimental way of testing aptitude in comparison to the other tests I’ve been through. It has been extremely useful and educative. I loved the way the entire program is made in such a compact manner. In a matter of a couple of hours, I got to experience almost everything that i need to take the decision about my career. Now, I'm absolutely sure about what i want to pursue as a career.

Vrushali Mehta

Being a very confused individual, I did not know what i want to do and pursue, and i definitely had no idea about what actual professionals do in their careers. I think Immrse is an amazing way to actually experience, first-hand, through videos and simulations about what a person actually does. I recommend IMMRSE to all of you since it was really helpful to me!

Dhwani Paradia

The experience with IMMRSE was really nice, enjoyable and knowledgable. It gave me an idea about the stock markets and how to go about it and it really made me understand what the stock markets really are, I didn’t really have an idea about this before watching the videos. I would definitely recommend everyone to take this experience as it has helped me immensely.

Yash Parekh


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Other careers

program content

    • 01


      Lets understand what Dentistry is all about

    • video
    • 02

      General Dentistry

    • simulation
    • 03

      Meet And Greet The Patient

      Here, we'll learn why greeting the patient is important

    • video
    • 04


      Please read the case and decide what is to be done with the patient's condition

    • simulation
    • 05

      Identification And Diagnosis

      Examining the patient in order to diagnose the problem is important. Lets learn more about this.

    • video
    • 06


      Lets see how well you identify the dental disorder that the patient is suffering from

    • simulation
    • 07


      Tretment planning is the most important part of a dentists job. Lets understand this aspect

    • video
    • 08

      Treatment Plan

      Lets see how well you can arrange the root canal procedure

    • simulation
    • 09

      Prognosis And Follow-up

      Prognosis implies for how long the effects of the treatment will last. Lets learn more about it.

    • video
    • 10

      Skills Required

      Here, Dr. Rajiv Verma is telling us of the skills that make a person a good dentist!

    • video
    • 11

      Tools And Technology

      Lets see how well you understand the different tools used in dentistry.

    • simulation
    • 12


      In this section we understand the challenges, work life balance, job satisfaction and other aspects of a Dentist's life.

    • video